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New obligation

Vers le niveau supérieur

A new obligation for the attention of the industry and vendors regarding article 3 of the law of 4 September 2015

With the law of 4 September 2015 a new obligation is introduced regarding the registration of

- manufacturers of biocidal active substances, biocidal products and treated articles (Articles treated with biocidal products), and

- vendors of biocidal products restricted to professional users.

Biocidal products restricted to professional users are those biocidal products that fulfill the criteria of article 19(4) of Regulation (EU) 528/2012, and biocidal products that require the use of personal protective equipment as a mandatory way to reduce exposure to an acceptable level.

Which products are concerned ?

For explanations regarding the products concerned, please consult the webpage of the European Chemicals Agency ECHA: «Biocidal Product» und «Treated Articles».

Who is concerned ?

The registration is mandatory for

- manufacturers of biocidal active substances, biocidal products and treated articles in Luxembourg only, and

- vendors of “professionals only” biocidal products in Luxembourg (which are e.g. customers of a foreign authorization holder), and

- to vendors abroad if they sell those biocidal products directly to end-users in Luxembourg.

How to declare ? – For further information ?

The registration is best submitted by filling in a dedicated form, to be obtained by request to biocides@aev.etat.lu. Any questions can be submitted to the same e-mail address.

What is the deadline ?

Manufacturers and vendors which are already active at the moment of entry into force of the above-mentioned law shall, in principle, proceed to the registration within a period of six months, until 16 March 2016.

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