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Projets Life+

Vers le niveau supérieur
Projects (LU) Title Period

LIFE11 ENV/LU/000854

Factory of the Future - Factory of the Future: Demonstration of the production of wood panels with near-zero environmental footprint 01/07/2012 - 31/10/2015
LIFE11 ENV/LU/000855

PLD - Erection of a demonstrative de-oiling plant for recycling oily steelmaking sludge and mill scales

01/09/2012 - 30/09/2015

LIFE11 NAT/LU/000857

Resto-unio - Restoration of Unio crassus rivers in the luxemburgish Ardennes

01/09/2012 - 28/02/2018

LIFE11 NAT/LU/000858

LIFE Eisleck - Restoration of wetlands and associated endangered species in the Eisleck Region

01/09/2012 - 31/08/2017

LIFE07 ENV/L/000540 M³ - Application of integrative modelling and monitoring approaches for river basin management evaluation 01/01/2009 - 31/12/2012
LIFE07 NAT/L/000542 Contribution from Local Authorities to the Implementation of NATURA 2000

01/01/2009 -31/12/2013

LIFE05 NAT/L/000116 Restoration of pearl mussel populations in the Ardennes

01/09/2005 -31/08/2011

LIFE06 NAT/D/000008 Conservation and regeneration of Nardus Grasslands in Central Europe 01/10/2006 -30/09/2010
LIFE05 NAT/B/000085 Restoration of European otter habitats (BE & LU) 01/10/2005 -30/09/2010
LIFE06 ENV/L/000118 Development and validation of ultra low rolling resistance tyre with environmentally friendly resources 01/12/2005 -31/05/2009
LIFE06 ENV/L/000121 Energy Efficient Building Systems 01/12/2005 -30/11/2008

LIFE05 ENV/L/000047

!! Elu Best of best 2008-2009 par la Commission!!

New and environmentally friendly OSB panels 17/01/2005 -17/07/2007
LIFE04 ENV/LU/000829 ZEOLITE 01/12/2003 -30/11/2006
LIFE99 NAT/L/006284 Ecological valorization of the Alzette's upper valley 01/02/1999 -31/05/2006
LIFE00 ENV/D/000337 Remotely controlled monitoring of eutrophicating substances from diffuse sources in the region Saar-Lor-Lux 01/09/2001 -31/08/2004
LIFE98 ENV/L/000582 New integrated utilisation of simulation and control softwares for an inexpensive and effective management of wastewater treatment plants 01/10/1998 -01/10/2002
LIFE97 ENV/L/000206 Waste management in the field of construction with prevention as a main goal 01/11/1997 -01/03/2002
LIFE96 NAT/L/003195 Conservation of 4 endangered species of amphibians in Luxembourg 01/01/1997 -31/12/1999
LIFE95 ENV/D/000041 Initiative of Saar-Lor-Lux for using remotely controlled sensors for controlling the water quality 01/01/1996 -01/01/1999
LIFE95 NAT/D/000045 Transboundary program for the protection of bats in Western Central Europe 01/01/1996 -31/12/1998
LIFE95 ENV/L/000497 Conceiving and organizing a pilot training using multimedia didactic means and intended to the responsible for the environmental questions in SMEs 01/10/1995 -01/04/1997
LIFE94 ENV/L/001577 Developing an integrated means to ensure supervision and control of the environment in Luxembourg 01/09/1994 -30/09/1996
LIFE93 ENV/L/003555 Development of an integrated system for the surveillance and control of the environment of Grand duchy of Luxembourg 01/04/1993 -30/09/1996

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